Sunday, February 5, 2017

Daddy weekend with the boys..

While mommy was away, daddy was in charge!  They had a great time also I think!  I missed them like crazy though!
Jersey day at school
McDonald's playground?  Sure!

Big boy car seat!
Trolls movie night next door at Liam's!
The dad's enjoying their Beer of the Month delivery (their Christmas gift)
Cuddles waiting for mommy


Mommy Trip to Los Angeles

After having been to Texas to visit MANY times, it was well overdue for me to go visit Erin in LA.  So Maggie (childhood friend of Erin's that now lives in DFW) and I hopped on a plane and made a weekend of it!  First trip for me (non work related) without kids or hubs in a long time... it was a very nice escape away!
Waiting on the plane!
Erin and Maggie together again
Erin and me
Believe it or not, vegan donuts!
First day was raining, but we went to Duke's in Malibu for lunch!  So nice and we saw seals and dolphins!
After Malibu we went to Burbank for a mani/pedi
Snapchat selfie
Saturday was a gorgeous day so we headed up to Griffith Park to see the observatory and meet with my Cousin Susan and her wife Jana!
Hollywood sign..... way behind me
Jana, Me, Susan, Erin and Maggie
We finished off the short weekend with a night out on the sunset strip!  Comedy show and dinner
It was a wonderful weekend and a fast one!  Poor Erin didn't feel well through most of it, she was a good sport though and showed us a great time! 

Sunday, January 29, 2017

My builder!

We are always amazed at the train tracks and engineering this kid puts together!

Sick baby

Poor Graham woke up having thrown up in his bed over night.  This poor baby stayed in it too...... we told him to always come and get mommy and daddy and that we wouldn't be mad at all.  He laid around all am, small fever, but after nap it went down and he was back to being our Graham-a-lamb!