Wednesday, December 21, 2011

27 Weeks and Kickin!

We are rounding the corner to the final trimester, 7 months and I still can't believe how fast time is going by!  The arrival of the holidays helps of course, but next thing you know March will be here!  Aside from having a cold for a solid week, things have been progressing well!  We go back to the Dr. next week for my monthly check up and will have my glucose test done then also! 

Jason and I were apparently extremely lucky with an easy crib assembly... because our changing table/ dresser arrived and we thought it would be just as easy to piece together... 4 1/2 hours later and still having problems with its completion we are ready to toss it out the window!  Good thing Grandpa Cherry will be here for New Years and will be able to assist in a partial disassemble with my hubby to fix it!  I think Jason just needs someone..... not 27 weeks pregnant to help him.  Granted he could take it apart and fix it himself... but as I mentioned... our patience with it is beyond expired so I vote we let Grandpa loose his cool and swear and moan over it a bit!  I think that's fair! 

Beyond our assembly woes, we did have some excitement in that Jason finally was able to feel the baby kicking!  Friday night, after a fantastic dinner with the Terry's, we got home and apparently our baby was still enjoying the evening by moving like crazy.  It was a great moment, as I had been feeling it for awhile, but glad daddy was able to experience it too!  Then, to take that moment a step further, last night as baby was once again practicing its slap shot as a future Avawings player, we both looked at the belly and SAW it moving!  It was weird, crazy, creepy, exciting and hilarious all at the same time! 

I have a feeling, the next couple of months are only going to add to the crazy experience!  All I can say is I am ready to turn this corner and enter the final trimester and the "home stretch"! 

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Surprise 30th Birthday Party..... for me!!!!

As you can read from the title of this post, my husband has continued with his title as MOST AMAZING HUBBY by pulling off a surprise birthday celebration for me!  Apparently, the idea had been in the works for months with plans really taking shape in October!  All last week, Jason kept saying he had two goals for the week, 1- Get the rest of the holiday decorations up and 2- Get the baby crib and bedding put together!  So amidst an already busy week, we successfully pulled off both goals and the house was looking fantastic!

Then, he enlisted the help of our fabulous friends the Horst's to keep me occupied all day Saturday while he finished last minute errands and party surprises!  So with that, Di and Jackie whisked me away for a little shopping time and some mani / pedi pampering.  The plan was to reconnect with the guys at our house for a drink after our "ladies day" then head off to a holiday celebration for the night!  Fast forward to Di, Jackie and me walking into our house with 30 of our closest friends and family lying in wait to lay the 'ol "SURPRISE" kibosh on me!  I was stunned!  I looked around the room, locked eyes with Jason and teared up.... then out of the corner of my eyes I saw my cousin from St. Louis, Erin and my BFF who is currently in Houston, Melissa!  My welled up tears began to pour down my face and I started to cry with delight!  I felt such an amazing amount of love from ALL of the people in the room, from Texas and beyond!  It was a feeling I would like to bottle and keep close to my heart always!  Though my birthday is still a few weeks away, I can't imagine having had a better way to celebrate! 

My husband has been so completely amazing throughout this pregnancy, throughout our year and a half of marriage and throughout our 4 years of knowing each other!  I feel every day that I hit the lottery with him and can't imagine having a better husband, friend, and partner!  Thank you Jason, for making turning 30 something I will always remember with a smile! 

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Crib Preview!

We got the crib last week and I can proudly say my hubby put together in 30 minutes!  He was quite proud!  After we had the crib put together, we of course had to finish setting up the bedding!  We are very pleased and think Little Linder will sleep like a lamb with it's little lambie friends! 

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

22 Weeks and a Turkey Day Trip!

We had our 22 week check up this morning and everything is looking good!  Baby is getting bigger and starting to really take over in there!  Heartbeat was strong and I am starting to get those "pre kicking flutters" I think!  Dr. says any time now, the flutters will be full on kicks and I will be begging for it to stop!  HAHA!  Baby weighs about 1 lb and is the size of a spaghetti squash! 

With the Dr. signing off on another month of baby bakin', we are heading to St. Louis for the Thanksgiving holiday tomorrow!  This will be our last trip until Little Linder comes in March and that's right, it's a road trip!  Nothing like a 9.5 hour drive with a 5.5 month preggo lady!  It will be worth it to see our extended family and friends!  But in the meantime, wish us luck! 

Friday, November 4, 2011

20 Weeks! Half way there!

Surprise Babymoon!

Some of you may have seen my post last week about my husband surprising me!  Well he certainly did!  About two months ago, Jason had told me not to make any plans for Halloween weekend!  I agreed and didn't give it another thought!  Fast forward to last Wednesday night, I got home from work to find a letter on our bed along with a couple of suitcases!  The letter basically told me we were going somewhere for the weekend, gave me the temperatures for the unknown destination, and told me to pack up!  The letter also stated that he had talked with my boss and to be ready at 11:45a the next day and he would pick me up. 

So the next day a little before 11:45a, Jason walked into my office and away we went for our weekend!  As we started making our way in the car ( I was thinking we were going on some sort of road trip), Jason pulled out an itinerary he put together and the first thing I saw on it was Alcatraz!  WE WERE FLYING TO SAN FRANSISCO!  I was beyond surprised as that was a destination I had always wanted to visit!  A few hours later we landed in sunny California with me still in shock! 

The weekend was fantastic!  Jason had gone to a lot of trouble and planned a perfect visit that included; a prenatal massage, visit to Sausalito and Sonoma Valley, Fisherman's Warf, Ghirardelli Square, The Golden Gate Bridge, a couple of rides on the Cable Cars, Lombard Street, ALCATRAZ, a drive through Pacific Heights, and even an accidental but fun visit to The Castro District following a mistake we made on the F Line!  HAHA!

It was an AMAZING weekend and great getaway before out little bundle comes in March!  I feel so very lucky to have such a wonderful husband!  Thank you so much Jason for a memorable trip!  I love you! 
Here are a few shots from the trip!....

Sunset from Fisherman's Warf with Alcatraz in the background!

Driving across the Golden Gate Bridge

My husband, VERY comfy, at Ram's Gate Winery in Sonoma Valley! 
He is enjoying a tasting for the both of us! 

View from the boat heading to Alcatraz!

View from the boat on our approach to Alcatraz!

Jason inside a cell at Alcatraz!  I tried to shut the door, but it was a no go!

Sunny San Fran in the background!

The infamous cable cars!

View from the top of a hill as we ride the cable cars!  Great shot!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Hard to believe that we are knocking on the door of 19 Weeks!  We went in for our 18 Week Ultrasound appointment and got to take a good look at the baby yesterday!  Little Linder is the size of a sweet potato this week and is weighing in at about 9 ounces.  The Dr. took some measurements and a close look at the baby and all is looking good and healthy!  It is really hard to believe that we are almost half way through this pregnancy! 

A Trip, a Birthday, a Wedding, and a Shower... Oh my!

The saying "no rest for the weary" is right on for us the past couple of weeks! We have been busy but with lots of fun stuff!  We flew up to Michigan to see our family and celebrate a variety of events and activities!  We spent some time with my sister-in-law & brother-in-law as well as our two awesome nephews!  We got to see them in action on the field at one of their football practice's... I have to say, my nephews are all stars!... and we also went and dropped in during their school lunch!  We are still cool enough to talk to during their lunch period with all of their friends around....but just barely! 

A quick shout out to my 10 year old nephew Alex for making... that's right... making the video below!  I really think he is an architect / director in the making!  Look out Steven Spielberg!!!

We also celebrated the 37th birthday of my wonderful husband! We had cake, ice cream and some nice family time!  It was a great way to celebrate his day!  Happy Birthday Jason, I love you!!

We then headed up to Bay City to celebrate the wedding of Jessye & Nick!  It was a gorgeous wedding and the bride and groom looked perect!...only to be slightly trumped of course by Jessye's little girl, the adorable Ms. MaKenna!  Mother nature was giving the Schuette/ Strzynski Wedding a run for their money, but in the end everything turned out fantastic and we were happy to be a part of their big day! 
Congrats Jo Jo & Nick!

The gorgeous family!

Ms. MaKenna!

The day after the wedding, Jason's mom and friends threw us a baby shower to celebrate the impending arrival of our little Linder!  It was a GORGEOUS shower (unfortunately I didn't have my camera) and I was able to spend some time catching up with the wonderful ladies of Linden, Fenton, Saginaw and beyond!  I left the shower with a lot of  fantastic gifts for the baby but also with a blessed feeling for having so many wonderful people in not only my and Jason's life but in our baby's life as well!   Thank you to Lisa, Kali, Bethie and Marcia for making the shower such a memorable event! 

The next day we packed up and flew back to Texas!  It's always great to go home to see our family and friends!  Thanks to everyone for such a great visit!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

The Day Care Dance...

As we enter into our fourth month today we have started the very real disccussion about where the baby will go when we both go back to work.  Now, I know it seems early, but it actually isn't too early as we have been told there can be long waiting lists so it is better to get things rolling now.  And unfortunately, I don't think my mother or mother in law is ready to pick up and move to DFW to be our full time nanny anytime soon, so here we are discussing our options!  The main two options of course are for baby to go to a day care facility or go to an in home care operation.  We have talked with lots of our friends and thought about the pro's and con's for both, and we have decided to look into both.  We are going to check out two day care facilities that we have recieved good reviews on this week.  The tricky part is going to be finding a home care option that has a good referral behind it or gives us a good feeling.  Hopefully we will get a couple names in the next week or two so we can look into those as well.  Wish us luck!

Quick Trip Recap

Our trip to Colorado was FANTASTIC!  My husband was very patient with my frequent needs to stop during the long long long drive and we actually had a nice drive there and back!  I will say for anyone interested in what is between here and Colorado.... the answer is NOTHING!  Mostly small little towns with one or no stop lights, a Dairy Queen, AllSups and a Subway.  There were streches of the drive where we didn't see any civilization for miles!  It was a very enlightening drive that I hope to not have to do again for a while!  Once we arrived in CO, of course, it was just gorgeous!  The scenery was perfect and the weather was a welcome change from the 100 degree Texas heat!  We were able to go to the Air Force Academy and see the cadets line up for noon meal formation which was a fantastic treat! I have heard so many stories about AFA that actually being there and seeing a little of the life Jason had there during his college years was really neat!  We also checked out the "kissing camels" at Garden of the God's, took a train up to Pike's Peak (14,110 ft), enjoyed the moutain town of Manitou Springs, toured the AFA including the new golf center (which absolutely thrilled my husband) and of course went to Denver for a baseball game / wedding for our friends Eric and Laura!  All in all we had a packed couple of days but enjoyed every minute of it!  Here are a few pics from the weekend for you to enjoy! 
"Kissing Camels" at Garden of the God's

Noon meal formation at the Academy

Chapel at the Academy- GORGEOUS!

Colorado Rockies baseball game / wedding

The bride and groom

Train up to Pike's Peak

View from the train

Freezing cold top of Pike's Peak!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Hello 2nd Trimester!

We are finally into the next trimester!  13 weeks!  I am glad the first part is over and looking forward to this next step!  We had an apt with the Dr. last Friday and all is looking good!  Little Linder is the size of a peach now and was jumping all over the place!  Very active! The best part was that it actually looks like a baby now instead of a gummy bear!  We are headed to Denver this weekend for our friend's wedding (Congrats Ansart's) as well as a stop at the Air Force Academy!  I hope this baby likes road trips as much as Grandma and Grandpa Cherry do!!  26 hours in a car / 4 days + 1 pregnant lady = Fun times for my hubby!  HAHA! 

Monday, September 5, 2011

Registry 1- Lind's 0

Happy Labor Day Weekend!  Jason and I decided to take on the adventure that is starting a baby registry this weekend!  It's a bit early we realize, but better to start now rather then be overwhelmed later!  After a bit of research and visiting several stores, we decided on Buy Buy Baby (which is the baby equivalent of Bed Bath and Beyond) and Pottery Barn Kids (since I absolutely fell in love with some things in there). We started at Buy Buy Baby with an hour and a half educational session with the sales guy in the stroller / car seat area!  He was a bit long winded, but we learned a lot and it was worth the time it took!  We proceeded to walk around the store, looking at things like they were in a foreign language!  Don't get me wrong, we went in armed with a list and helpful tips from friends and family, but it is still quite an endeavor!  Needless to say, after 3 hours in the one store, we had 16 items on the registry and decided we had enough for the time being!  We have added some things on both lists and will continue to do so I am sure!  We welcome any thoughts, advice or "can't live withouts"!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Welcome to our blog!

Welcome to our blog which we hope to use to share the progress of our Little Linder as he/she makes their way into our family!  We are about 9 1/2 weeks along so far and besides feeling a little green, all is going well.  We had a sonogram last week and heard the heartbeat druming away!  Little Linder is the size of a green olive (about 2 mm) and is looking like a gummy bear at this point!  Here are some still shots from the video we took during the sonogram! Enjoy!