Thursday, September 15, 2011

Hello 2nd Trimester!

We are finally into the next trimester!  13 weeks!  I am glad the first part is over and looking forward to this next step!  We had an apt with the Dr. last Friday and all is looking good!  Little Linder is the size of a peach now and was jumping all over the place!  Very active! The best part was that it actually looks like a baby now instead of a gummy bear!  We are headed to Denver this weekend for our friend's wedding (Congrats Ansart's) as well as a stop at the Air Force Academy!  I hope this baby likes road trips as much as Grandma and Grandpa Cherry do!!  26 hours in a car / 4 days + 1 pregnant lady = Fun times for my hubby!  HAHA! 

Monday, September 5, 2011

Registry 1- Lind's 0

Happy Labor Day Weekend!  Jason and I decided to take on the adventure that is starting a baby registry this weekend!  It's a bit early we realize, but better to start now rather then be overwhelmed later!  After a bit of research and visiting several stores, we decided on Buy Buy Baby (which is the baby equivalent of Bed Bath and Beyond) and Pottery Barn Kids (since I absolutely fell in love with some things in there). We started at Buy Buy Baby with an hour and a half educational session with the sales guy in the stroller / car seat area!  He was a bit long winded, but we learned a lot and it was worth the time it took!  We proceeded to walk around the store, looking at things like they were in a foreign language!  Don't get me wrong, we went in armed with a list and helpful tips from friends and family, but it is still quite an endeavor!  Needless to say, after 3 hours in the one store, we had 16 items on the registry and decided we had enough for the time being!  We have added some things on both lists and will continue to do so I am sure!  We welcome any thoughts, advice or "can't live withouts"!