Wednesday, December 21, 2011

27 Weeks and Kickin!

We are rounding the corner to the final trimester, 7 months and I still can't believe how fast time is going by!  The arrival of the holidays helps of course, but next thing you know March will be here!  Aside from having a cold for a solid week, things have been progressing well!  We go back to the Dr. next week for my monthly check up and will have my glucose test done then also! 

Jason and I were apparently extremely lucky with an easy crib assembly... because our changing table/ dresser arrived and we thought it would be just as easy to piece together... 4 1/2 hours later and still having problems with its completion we are ready to toss it out the window!  Good thing Grandpa Cherry will be here for New Years and will be able to assist in a partial disassemble with my hubby to fix it!  I think Jason just needs someone..... not 27 weeks pregnant to help him.  Granted he could take it apart and fix it himself... but as I mentioned... our patience with it is beyond expired so I vote we let Grandpa loose his cool and swear and moan over it a bit!  I think that's fair! 

Beyond our assembly woes, we did have some excitement in that Jason finally was able to feel the baby kicking!  Friday night, after a fantastic dinner with the Terry's, we got home and apparently our baby was still enjoying the evening by moving like crazy.  It was a great moment, as I had been feeling it for awhile, but glad daddy was able to experience it too!  Then, to take that moment a step further, last night as baby was once again practicing its slap shot as a future Avawings player, we both looked at the belly and SAW it moving!  It was weird, crazy, creepy, exciting and hilarious all at the same time! 

I have a feeling, the next couple of months are only going to add to the crazy experience!  All I can say is I am ready to turn this corner and enter the final trimester and the "home stretch"! 

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Surprise 30th Birthday Party..... for me!!!!

As you can read from the title of this post, my husband has continued with his title as MOST AMAZING HUBBY by pulling off a surprise birthday celebration for me!  Apparently, the idea had been in the works for months with plans really taking shape in October!  All last week, Jason kept saying he had two goals for the week, 1- Get the rest of the holiday decorations up and 2- Get the baby crib and bedding put together!  So amidst an already busy week, we successfully pulled off both goals and the house was looking fantastic!

Then, he enlisted the help of our fabulous friends the Horst's to keep me occupied all day Saturday while he finished last minute errands and party surprises!  So with that, Di and Jackie whisked me away for a little shopping time and some mani / pedi pampering.  The plan was to reconnect with the guys at our house for a drink after our "ladies day" then head off to a holiday celebration for the night!  Fast forward to Di, Jackie and me walking into our house with 30 of our closest friends and family lying in wait to lay the 'ol "SURPRISE" kibosh on me!  I was stunned!  I looked around the room, locked eyes with Jason and teared up.... then out of the corner of my eyes I saw my cousin from St. Louis, Erin and my BFF who is currently in Houston, Melissa!  My welled up tears began to pour down my face and I started to cry with delight!  I felt such an amazing amount of love from ALL of the people in the room, from Texas and beyond!  It was a feeling I would like to bottle and keep close to my heart always!  Though my birthday is still a few weeks away, I can't imagine having had a better way to celebrate! 

My husband has been so completely amazing throughout this pregnancy, throughout our year and a half of marriage and throughout our 4 years of knowing each other!  I feel every day that I hit the lottery with him and can't imagine having a better husband, friend, and partner!  Thank you Jason, for making turning 30 something I will always remember with a smile!