Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Grandma, Grandpa and Daddy Projectpalooza!

Well, I mentioned that when my Mom and Dad were in town we put them to work!  Jason was also a HUGE contributor to said projects so I thought since so much work went into such a short visit, I would post some photos and show off their efforts!

The biggest project was organizing the garage and making room for all of the stuff that was brought down from Michigan!

One of the car loads of stuff from Michigan we had to make room for!  YIKES!

First off was this HUGE storage shelving unit that was put together making room for extra storage in the back cubby of the garage! 

Then the shelves were moved to the left side of the garage and re-hung!

Lastly (the major project) Dad and Jason hung the shelf from the ceiling of the garage for extra awesome storage.  This of course turned out to be a little more difficult than originally planned.  However, it is probably the most impactful and useful space of all! 

Ordered and put up curtains on the nursery room doors for extra privacy.  (For those who don't know our layout), you walk through our guest room to get to the nursery as it was an addition to the house done this summer!  The room turned out great but the curtains really separate the two rooms!

Mom sanded and painted this cradle that was Jason's as a baby.  Also, she did the same for two kids chairs (which I don't have a picture of) that the kiddo will be able to use when it's a little older! 

With tools in hand, and the Michigan State game on, Dad and Jason finished the changing table and it is perfect now!

Mom and I searched far and wide for the right baskets to fit in the bookcase / storage shelf.

Dad and Jason hung this gorgeous antique mirror from Martie in our entryway from the garage.  This sucker is there to stay!  It's not moving!  HAHA!

 So, as you can see, we kept Grandma and Grandpa plenty busy over their visit!  We already have another project for my dad when they return in March.... if he can spare time from fawning over the new grand baby that is! 

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Hello 3rd Trimester!

We are in the home stretch, last trimester for Little Linder!  Yahoo!  Had our 28 week appointment on Friday and all I can say is the baby is on track!  My mom and dad were in town for New Years and while Jason and my dad went to the Armed Forces Bowl, mom and I went to the doctor for my check up!  Dr. Clark, who is fantastic by the way, took us in for another sneak peak of the baby and much to my surprise, pulled up a 4D Ultrasound!  It's truly amazing and though Jason and I said originally we weren't going to do a 4D, I am SO GLAD Dr. Clark did it!  Baby is weighing in at about 2lbs 11ounces and is looking healthy and happy!