Tuesday, February 28, 2012

37 Weeks - Nursery Complete

We are rounding the corner of 37 weeks and all is looking good!  I am ready for baby to come anytime and keep telling it to feel free to come a little early whereas Jason is telling it to stay put for a little longer so we can finish our "to do's"!  Besides being uncomfortable, achy and exhausted though, there are no complaints and we will be happy whenever the little one comes!  (Three weeks away and counting!)

That being said, we finished the nursery and I thought I would share the full picture in case you haven't been over to see it!  The only thing missing is the name over the crib and a few accents of blue or pink depending on what we have!  But those will be brought in later when we get the much awaited surprise!  So, enjoy a little tour of our little one's new digs!  Jason and I have agreed, we think it is the nicest room in the house!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

35 Weeks = 35 Days to go!!!!!

This week marks 35 weeks into the pregnancy with 35 days left until our due date!  One moment I feel like this has all gone by so fast and the next I feel like it has lasted FOREVER!  I can definitely say I am ready to have this baby!  I have reached the point my Dr. warned me about from day one where I would feel achy, tired and uncomfortable!  But, with a light starting to appear at the end of the road, I know I can make it a few more weeks!  We went in for a checkup yesterday and all is looking good!  The baby has a lot of hair and is nice and squished!  I might have mentioned this before, but we truly have a fantastic Dr!  He did yet another 4D Ultrasound yesterday so we could take a peek at Little Linder!  So far we have gotten to see our baby at every single appointment!  We are VERY lucky!  We are getting mixed reviews on guesses as to if it's a boy or girl!  General consensus is, if you look at the pics... boy.... if you look at how I am carrying.... girl!  We will see soon enough! 
Baby had its foot up!

Then it was covering it's right eye with its hand! 

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

33 Weeks - A Belly Shot

I know many of you have asked for a belly shot....well, here you go!  Though I tried to put it off as long as possible!  (Camera's are not my friends these days).. 44 Days to go!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Couples Shower

On Saturday, our friends the Teem's, Adair's and the Horst's hosted a FANTASTIC couples baby shower in honor of our little one!  It was held at the home of Richard and Di Horst and was so much fun!  The food was DELICIOUS, the decor was so sweet and our friends truly made for a fun evening!  Thank you to our wonderful hosts, Richard, Di, Susie, Upgrade, Heather and Dusty!  Thank you also to everyone who was able to join us (especially the guys who sucked it up for 2 hours and came!  HAHA!  Thanks for being good sports guys!)  Here are a few pictures from the evening! 

The yummy cake table!

The delicious food spread! 

The gift area (baby not included! That was Heather and Dusty's 3 mo old Ella napping by the goodies... SO SWEET)

Gift time!