Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Lunch with Daddy!

Today we went to daddy's office for lunch! Preston wore his Nettworth shirt and met all the ladies on daddy's office floor! He was a hit! Now, back to work for daddy and little man and I are going to visit his school!

Bouncer Fun!

We have noticed how much Preston loves to kick his legs and push with them and "stand" on them when you hold him up... So we thought we would put together the bouncer rainforest gym that the lovely ladies from Saginaw got for him! Knowing he is still too small to bounce himself (especially since he can't reach the floor yet) we put him in it and just bounced it for him... He LOVED it! Jas put his hands under Preston's feet so he could bounce himself too and he went nuts! This thing is gonna be a huge hit! Though I am not sure if he loved the bouncing the most or the stationary blue frog hanging from above the most! He was fixated!!!

Monday, May 28, 2012

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

We hope everyone had a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend!  We packed up and headed North, all the way to Frisco (45 min for those who don't know) and stayed with some of our favorite people at the Horst Resort!  Richard, Di and Nikki were fantastic hosts and welcomed us for a great weekend of lounging by the pool, The Colonial Golf Tournament, yummy food and just fun! We introduced Preston to the pool and he did VERY well!  Not quite to splash mode yet, but he didn't fuss at all when he was in it so we consider that a win!  Here are some pictures from the weekend!  Enjoy!  Thank you again Horsts for letting us get away for a little "Stay-Cation"!

Ready for some pool action!

Pool time with mommy!

Tuckered out from the pool!

Captain Adorable is right!!!

Nap time on the glider outside!

Love Miss Dee!

Pool time with Daddy!

Resting from the pool!

Playing with Daddy!

Giggling with Daddy!

Totally pooped out!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Little Man- 2 Months!!!!!

I can't believe we have had two months with our little man! They have been amazing! We are still trying to figure out what the word "schedule" means with a little one, but we are closer every day! For the most part Preston eats about every three hours during the day and then at night gets up one or twice on his own! He is kicking and cooing and being a cutie most of the time! He is very strong and can scoot with his legs all over the crib! (we put him down on one end of the crib at night and when we go in later he is on the other side!). I suspect he will be flipping over soon enough! He definitely is following things with his eyes and can recognize mommy's voice when I talk or sing to him! We might be biased but we really think he is the best and brightest kid around! :-)

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day!

I am happy and blessed to be a part of these mothers! Grandma Hribernik and my mom, my mom and me, me and Preston!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Dr. Visit for Preston

We went for our wellness check today at the doctors and Preston's weight is 11 lbs (30%), height is 21" 3/4 (8%), and his head is 16" (75%).. It's official, he has Jason's head!!!!!! All is good, we go back at 4 mo! preston made us proud and took his shots like a champ!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

A Smiley Wednesday!

Couldn't resist posting this picture! Hope to catch many more smiles in the future!