Monday, August 27, 2012

Little Man- 5 Months!!!

Preston is 5 months old and continues to be a great baby!  He is now semi mobile having picked up the skill of rolling over!  He can only go from his back to his belly, then he gets stuck, but I am certain he will be going belly to back soon!  If spitting up were an Olympic sport, my kid would be a gold medalist!  We have switched to another formula to try to combat the spitting up but the good news is that he doesn't seem to mind it!  Preston is laughing out loud, is fascinated with the TV (uh oh) and really doesn't fuss unless he is hungry or tired!  Still sleeping like a champ, typically from 7:30p until 6:00a!  No complaints from mommy and daddy!  What a fun month!  We continue to be positively in love with this little man!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Little Man Rolls Over!

It's official!  Preston is no longer our little sac of potatoes!  He is now rolling over!  Look out world... here he comes!

Lt Colonel Promotion!

Congrats to my wonderful husband on his promotion from Major to Lt Colonel in his Air Force Reserves job!  He has 15 years in and has worked hard towards this!  Preston and I are very proud of him!  The bittersweet fact is that Jason's grandpa ("Pop") was a Lt Colonel when he got out of the Air Force, so it is extra special to Jason that he made Pops rank!  Way to go Jason!!!! 


Monday, August 20, 2012

More Fun Pictures from the Michigan Weekend!

Little Man and his chair!

A visit from our friends the Goetz's

Part of the group before Jeff's FAMOUS mac n' cheese!

Ready for the baptism!

All tuckered out!

Sunset on the lake!

Another gorgeous sunset!

A Little Morning Chatter!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Great Grandma!

Jason's grandma Jane is 92 and living in Fenton Michigan.  She is quick as a whip and a really wonderful lady!  We drove downstate from Traverse City after the baptism so Gram could meet our little man!  She was thrilled and fell instantly for Preston!  He really enjoyed her and laughed and grabbed at her as much as he could!  It was a sweet moment and we are so glad we had the opportunity for Gram to meet Preston!

Gram, Preston and Daddy

Gram making Preston laugh!

The three great grandsons!

Saturday, August 18, 2012


The baptism was fantastic!  Preston didn't fuss at all in church and even let out a few laughs and giggles throughout the service!  The church was so wonderful and really involved him into the service!  We couldn't have asked for anything more!  I feel like I say this all the time, but our little man is just a really good baby! 

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Meeting Uncle Jeff!

As many of you know, my brother is a chef in Maui.... so needless to say, we don't get to see him all that often since he is so far and the cost to travel is so high!  So when he said he was making the trip to Michigan for Preston's baptism, I was super excited!  It would be his chance to meet Preston for the first time!  Well, Jeff took to being an uncle fantastically (he has from day one... but in person he was awesome!)!  He held Preston, played with him and let him chew on this fingers! The two became fast pals! Now we just need to get Jeff to move to Texas and all would be great!

Preston the Flyer!

We left on Wednesday for Michigan and all I can say is that my kid is the best!  He was a little wiggly on the first flight (we connected to Traverse City through Chicago) but he didn't cry of fuss!  Then on the second flight, he and daddy both slept right through the flight!  SUCCESS!  On our return flights (which connected through St. Louis) Preston slept the whole way!  He really did amazing and impressed several passengers!  We received many compliments about what a good baby Preston was!  He did amazing and Jason and I can both breathe a sigh of relief!  We really didn't want to be "those people"... we resolved ourselves to the fact that we would be.... then were ecstatic that we didn't have to be since our baby was so good! 
Thanks Preston for making flying with a baby a little less scary! 

Chillin at the airport waiting for our flight!
Here we go! 
Napping with Daddy on the plane

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Preparing for Departure!

Preston will soon be airborne as we prepare for his first flight tomorrow! We are leaving at the crack of dawn to fly up to Northern Michigan to see our family and friends.  We are having little man baptized up at the church by my parents cottage in Elk Rapids!  My brother (who I haven't seen since our wedding) is making the trip, my in laws, some wonderful friends, a couple of my fabulous aunts and my Uncle Billy will be in and out throughout the weekend to say hello and celebrate Preston! We are so lucky that even though it will be a short and crazy weekend, we have so many people wanting to come and meet little man!  He has no idea the amount of lovin' he is about to encounter!  For those who read this blog and will be seeing him... I apologize in advance if he spits up or slobbers on you.... it's gross but cute! 

The Boss wore his tie and supervised our packing....

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Final Piece of the Helmet Decor...

We have officially finished the helmet!  We put the final touch on... a little Red Wings love for Daddy!  Overall we think it turned out great!   Preston is stylin'! 

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Helmet Decor!

Last night we decided it was time to take the sterile white DOC Band and add a little Lind pizazz to it!  So we reviewed the different options (stickers, decals, etc.) and after much consideration we decided to take the more difficult path and paint the helmet.  In my research on decorating the band it seemed that paint would be tricky because often the paint just peels right off.... YIKES! So I took as many steps as I could think of in hopes of preventing a peel ....primed, painted and modge podged the thing!  Cross your fingers that it doesn't just come right off in the coming days!  :-)  We are happy with the outcome and all we need now is a dime sized Red Wings sticker (I opted not to attempt to paint that) to stick on the back of the airplane! Preston is  now sporting a cool band that will be the envy of all!