Monday, November 26, 2012


Little Man-8 Months!!!

Preston is 8 months old and growing!  He is on the verge of crawling and really getting a fun personality!  Not only does he now have his two bottom teeth, but he is cutting all four of his top front teeth at once!  (advanced according to our doc!).  Though the fangs (canines) have come in first which makes him look like a little vampire!  He is talking like crazy and giving us lots of belly laughs!  He has has a couple of flights this week and done exceptional on each one!  We are lucky as far as that goes!  (knock on wood)  We started meat this month, which he has done ok with even though mommy and daddy think it's nasty nasty!  He still loves his fruit (bananas and applesauce) and he likes his orange veggies (carrots and sweet potatoes).  We tried to give him a little juice cut with water but he wasn't interested!  Love our little bug!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Cherry-Lind Family

While we were in St. Louis, we were able to step away from the sadness and get a very nice picture of the Cherry-Lind family.  Moments with not only my brother around but my brother around and smiling are RARE!  So glad we got this shot!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

RIP Steven.

For those who follow this blog, I would like to share my grief and sadness about the death of my baby cousin Steven. He was 20 years old and brought laughter and fun to our lives! On Thursday, he took his life and went to a place of peace and calm. It was shocking and god awful! We are in St Louis with my aunt, uncle and cousin along with the rest of the Hribernik family to reflect and heal. Please keep us all in your thoughts and prayers but mostly my Aunt Sandy, Uncle Steve and cousin Erin. They will need strength to get through this! Steven, you are loved, you are missed! I hope you are at rest now! Watch down on us and we will look up to you throughout our lives! Love you my little "TT"!

Just Because!

Our friend Mike caught a GREAT picture of little man last night!  I am in love with this photo!  Thanks Mike!