Sunday, December 15, 2013

Graham Before Bed!

Couldn't help but love listening to Graham coo before bedtime!  (I apologize, it is a little dark)!

Work Trip

While G was home sick, daddy ran to work to get a couple things done. So sweet!

Getting in the holiday spirit!


Graham picked up a little RSV and had to have breathing teeatments to help. Fortunately, we think we caught it early with no fever. But still not a fun way to spend the week.

This is what he sounded like to prompt the fast trip to the doc!  SCARY!

My three loves napping!

Sunday, November 24, 2013

GWL - 3 Months!

Well, I think we are approaching the "turning point".... our turn of course is a long slow wide turn..... but we are getting there!  G started school and is thriving (thanks to his amazing teachers) and really doing well!  We have tackled a yucky cough, HORRIBLE diaper rash and a wicked case of cradle cap (dry scaly scalp)!  But along with that we have more laugh, coo's and smiles to make up for it!  G really loves to be talked to and it's so fun to watch him light up and have a conversation with you!  We are still not quite making it through the night, but for the most part he will sleep until 4a, 5a, or 6a!  I am really hoping this next month will lock in full nights sleep status!  I am not complaining.... but would love an extra hour or two!  Preston continues to "love" his brother by petting him or whopping him in the head!  When we ask where brother is he is quick to point at him or come pet him!  Very sweet!  All in all, it's been a good month!