Monday, July 29, 2013

Shopping & Helping Daddy!

Daddy and little man went to the store after work.... Preston had to taste test everything in the cart!  The toothpaste box and plastic parm container passed the test!  HAHA!  
Then Preston had to help daddy with the ladder at home!  HA! 

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Building A House!

You read that right!  For awhile now, I have felt the walls closing in on our wonderful (but tight) townhouse in Euless.  We finally had the stars align with a little help from a guardian angel and are moving forward with building a new house in Trophy Club!  We looked for awhile at existing homes but were so targeted on area, there wasn't much within our price point that would work without a LOT of love.  That combined with the fact that the real-estate market in DFW right now is CRAZY!  Literally, houses are going in 1 day!  So we decided to build and this way we will get to pick what we want and get a house we can grow into!  The downside is we have to wait until Spring to move in.... but with baby boy coming in three weeks... that's not really a bad thing!  So here we go!  Wish us luck!!! 

A rendering of what our house will look like (more or less)
What our house will look like (more or less)... our brick and stone color and layout will be a bit different....
Our lot!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Pre- School Morning Snack!

Preston was just being too cute this am before school!  Had to take a couple of pics!  Love the AFA shirt he is rocking too! Way to represent little man!

Monday, July 8, 2013

Best Dad Ever

So I wanted to take a second to really thank my wonderful, outstanding, patient and supportive husband!  Once again, this pregnancy has had it's ups and downs but the biggest difference has been chasing Preston around!  I couldn't have managed to corral our little one on my own!  Jason never blinks an eye if I needed anything!  Be it 5 minutes to take a break or an hour to take a nap, he has been right there to help with little man or clean the house up or do whatever "honey do" thing I ask!  I say all the time "I don't know how single parents do this"... and it's true!  I have such an AMAZING partner who does way more than the average man does!  He rubs my swollen ankles if I need it, he listens to me complain about the aches and pains, he tells me I'm beautiful even though I feel I'm not...... he is the most supportive man ever!  And you could say that "these are his kids" and that's "just what you do"..... but it's so much more than that!  He is my rock!  He makes me a better person and a better mother!  Thank you Jason, for bearing with me throughout these last 8 months!  We are almost there!  HALLELUJAH!

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Weekend Rally!

By Saturday, Preston was his old self again so we packed up and headed to Frisco for the night to enjoy the Horst Resort!  Preston had a blast chasing poor Sam the dog around, banging on windows, exploring new cabinets, swimming in the pool and enjoying his splash table!  We can't thank Mr. Richard and Miss Di enough for having us up again and being such fantastic hosts (the Brisket tacos were AMAZING!  Mmmmmmm)! 

Friday, July 5, 2013

15 Month Well Check!

Following being sick we went to see Dr. Robert for our 15 month check up.  Thankfully Preston was well recovered.  Unfortunately, he was alert enough to know where he was.... he is aware of who Dr. Robert is and that it usually means not fun examinations followed by shots.  Poor baby.  The doc weighed him, measured him and took a good look before giving Preston the thumbs up!  All looks great!  He is right on track weighing in at 24.5 lbs (50th%) and 30.5" in height (10th%).
That being said, Preston is now a true animal!  He is into EVERYTHING and doesn't sit still!  I keep saying, I don't mind that he isn't really interested in TV, but I am ready for him to sit still for 20 minutes to watch a program so mommy and daddy can get a break!  He keeps us on our toes for sure and has made this pregnancy go by much faster in some regards!  Can't wait to see what chasing a toddler around while carrying a newborn looks like! YOW!

He just looks like he is getting into trouble doesn't he? 

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Sick Baby for the 4th!

We had gone over a month without little man getting sick, so of course we were overdue!  And sick he was leading into the 4th of July.  Poor guy got a little bit of a 24 hour flu bug making our family fun day a little less fun and a little more lay about!  Preston was a trooper though and cuddled daddy as much as he could (mommy wasn't comfy to lay with due to my giant tummy)! 

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Splash day at school

I love having wonderful teachers who sneak a little picture here or there and send them to brighten my day!  Preston's infant room teacher, the wonderful Ms. Henny, shared Preston's splash day fun today with me!  I know my kid loves water and this was just a great morning smile!  Thank you Ms. Henny!  You are the best!