Saturday, August 31, 2013

Date day!

Jason and I are going on a date today! Grandma is going to watch the boys (with a little help from miss Hayley and her folks) so we can take some time away! We are going to see The Book of Mormon with some of our favorite peeps (Horsts) followed by dinner! Yay! Love being home but it will be nice to sneak off for a little break!

2 Week Apt!

We took Graham to his two week doc apt. He is a little under weight (8.4lbs 40%) but aside from that he did very well! He is measuring at 20.5" (16%) and his head is 14.5" (60%).... He measures length wise about the same as his brother did but his legs are definitely longer! We shall see! We go back for weight check in a week! 

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Blissful Sunday!

No words needed! This is my heaven!

First Family Outing!

Grandma and Grandpa are off for the day so we decided to take our first family outing to Target.... Ummmm on the last day before school starts..... Holy mad house! But we survived and the boys were awesome!

Friday, August 23, 2013

GWL Hospital Portraits!

End of Summer

Last splash day of the summer followed by pizza party and fun at school! I love that out kid loves the water even though the other kids seem upset and freaked out! Jason and I ran over to sneak a peek and see little man enjoying the fun! Go P!
The only time he cried is when they took the kids back inside! 

Graham One Week!

It's amazing that a week has gone by already! Graham is doing amazing and thriving! He has been waking about once a night to eat giving us a 4-5 hour sleep window at a time! Good boy! Hope he keeps it up! Preston is adjusting as well as a 17 month old can! Thankfully grandpa and grandma are filling him up with lots of extra love and attention! 

As for me, well, I am in a lot more pain this time around so recovery is slow! But it's a marathon not a race so I will take my time so I heal right and can be there for my boys(all three of them)100%! 

Oh, and my husband is the MOST amazing man on the planet! He is balancing me and my recovery, Preston's needs, Graham's cries and his in laws all at the same time! There should truly be a medal for most wonderful husband... He would win hands down! Words simply do not thank him enough! He does it all while smiling too which is just perfect! #besthusbandever!

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Graham Day 3

Preston came up to visit Graham with grandma and grandpa.... Gave him a couple of pats and moved onto Chuggington on the iPhone! It will be interesting to see how P does with G in his home environment tomorrow! Love my guys!

Friday, August 16, 2013

More pics of Graham!

Hello Graham Ward Lind!

Today we welcomed our new little Linder, Graham Ward Lind. 9.4lbs, 20.5" and just as handsome as his daddy an brother! Everything went so wonderfully )especially in comparison to the last arrival)! Thank you to all of the well wishers, visitors and just lovely supportive friends and family.  We love you all and are so lucky to have you in our and our boys lives!