Monday, January 27, 2014

Playing Hooky With Daddy!

Jason was having a case of the "Monday's" on top of not feeling very well.  So he left work a little early, picked up Preston and took him for a little guy time at Jump Street!  (Jump Street is an indoor trampoline park that has an entire toddler area!)  Preston immediately found a ball and spent the next hour running around like an animal!  SO SWEET!  
P.S. I realize I have a lot of pictures of Graham lately and less of Preston!  The only reason is I can't hardly get my toddler to sit still!  Also, when I do get my phone out to snap a picture.... he throws a fit until he gets my phone in his hands so he can "Call Elmo" (an app I have where Elmo facetime's you)..... Just wanted to explain the lack of Preston pics!  I will work on it though! 

GWL - 5 Months!!!

My little baby is 5 months old!  I can't even begin to believe it!  He has had quite a month!  Babbling and laughing like crazy!  We finally rounded the corner and have a happier baby!  He is sleeping from about 8:00p- 5 or 6:00a (which I will take)!  We have started baby oatmeal and veggies and Graham has taken to it much faster than Preston did!  He seems to really like it!  Overall, he has been much better!  He started rolling over this weekend which was awesome!  I think we are pretty close to him sitting up on his own also!  One milestone at a time! 

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Wednesday, January 15, 2014


Its 3:30a and I have been awake since midnight. Sigh. Here's a look at my boys snoozing away! Love them!

We have movement!!!!

After months and months of waiting...... We finally have diet flying at the new house! Yippee!!!! Hope it goes by fast! Cannot even wait!

Sunday, January 12, 2014


The boys thought this was HILARIOUS! Don't mistake their screams for screams of fear!  They are LAUGH screaming!  Love these two!

Friday, January 10, 2014


Poo-splosion!  Required cutting off the outfit!
I know this is gross but I had to share!  WOW!

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Happy New Year Board!

School had a cute board set up this am when we dropped off wishing a Happy New Year!  So Cute!

Preston looks like "what are you taking this picture for?  Don't put a silly hat on me!"  HAHA

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Go State!

Although we are U of M people... we have to support our Spartans too!  Rose Bowl fun filled New Years Day! 

The boys "watching" the Rose Parade!

Giggles from Graham!
Big brother going in for a kiss! 

My boys representing!
Preston scaling "Mount Daddy"
Success!  He has conquered the mountain!

Happy New Year!

We celebrated the New Years Eve holiday by having our traditional king crab leg dinner!  Do you think we have enough there? HAHA! Delicious!  Well done hubs!  After dinner we put little man to bed and ran in the new year with some good friends!  The biggest surprise of the night was actually making it to Midnight!  Yippeee!  Hope everyone had a wonderful New Year!  Welcome 2014!  Can't wait to see what the year brings!  :-)
Mmmmmm Crab Legs! I wonder which of the Deadliest Catch ships I should thank!
My love!