Monday, May 26, 2014

Happy Memorial Day!

Thank you to all of our services members, friends and family for you never ending sacrifices!

Friday, May 23, 2014

Sick Baby!

Our poor little G was struck with this nasty stomach bug on Monday night!  He woke with a blood curdling scream from throwing up!  Poor baby!  He spent 2.5 days at home being loved on by mom and dad (I think he threw up just for some extra lovin time)!  He is smiling in most of these pictures but rest assured.... they were followed by tears, puke, and diarrhea!  Thankfully he was well enough to make it to his last day at Primrose!  The boys will start their new school next week.... hopefully followed by us moving into the new house!  Fingers Crossed!

Monday, May 19, 2014

Preston Pants!

I feel like I have been showing Graham a lot lately and want to make sure I give Preston the time he deserves too!  He is 2+ now and really is a fun, witty, smart kid!  He knows all his ABC's (letters and the sound they make) and can count to 10!  He is making sentences which makes for a funny time! Love the ("uh oh mommy... what did you do?")  Now that Graham is crawling he has become possessive over his toys... but tends to open up and share with G when he realizes that Graham won't eat the toy.... Ha! He is OBSESSED with Monsters University and Madagascar!  We have watched them OVER AND OVER AND OVER!  He also still loves Chuggington (no Thomas here), Elmo and Mickey Mouse!  He loves to build towers with his foam blocks and play with Lego's until there are none left!  He has his toddler tantrums.... but overall, he is a doll!  He also still is totally hit and miss on food.  One day he loves meatballs... the next day, he won't touch em!  We can't win!  Suckers are the new gold though.... he will pretty much do anything for a sucker!  I will take a win whenever I can!  Truly love watching him grow, learn and just develop his fun personality!  We couldn't have asked god for a better first born! 

Weekend Fun!

G was ready to get the weekend started! 
Little did they know we were going to the doctor!

This one was ZONKED by the time he was done getting shots and all!
Saturday morning and this kid is building his own City! 
We decided to head to Main Street Days in Grapevine!  Poor Preston was too short for the rides in the kids area..... but he did get to feed some animals! 
Will brought over his motor vehicle to play with......
This is how they started playing with said vehicle...
And somehow... this is how it ended! 
Solo rider!  Ha!
Sunday am fun!
These three.... LOVE!  Going to miss living a few doors down from Mr. Will!  He is so much fun!