Sunday, July 27, 2014

Brother love..

Not a great picture, but Preston is giving Graham a little brother kiss!  Awe....

Flag Family!

The one thing my husband wanted with the new house is now complete.  Jason has always wanted a flag to fly outside of his home!  He did the work himself, which makes it extra painstaking and extra special.  He had a few hiccups, but the flag is not out and waving freely!  :-)

Sunday, July 20, 2014

While the parents are away....... The boys will play!

We had our friend Miss Henny stay with the boys while we were away!  She is a former teacher of theirs and wonderful person!  She was great in that she sent me lost of pics so I could see the boys!  I missed them but clearly, they were having a blast themselves! 
Pre bedtime play!
Stinker #1
Stinker #2
Playing more
Cartoon time
My favorite picture EVER!  They are holding hands!  Melt my heart!
Out for a walk!
Pool time!
Snacks at the pool!

Scottsdale AZ - "Date-Cation"!

We had an opportunity to join our friends the Irwin's for a long weekend in Scottsdale, we jumped at the idea of a quick get away after the chaos of the year!  So we spent the weekend at the Four Seasons with Tiff and Landon and enjoyed some R&R, some sun and some truly wonderful people!  Thanks Irwin's for a fantastic trip!
Waiting on the plane to take off.  Slight delay due to weather, but on our way!

We have arrived!!!!!
Lobby of the Four Seasons Scottsdale!

Our patio in our room
The room
Poolside in a cabana!  Not bad!
Faux celebrity sighting...... the chick from Hardcore Pawn.... and she is just as she appears on tv.....

View from the Lobby
I was amazed with the cactus.... Jason took a pic on the golf course of this one....
Deep discussion in the pool!
We had a little two minute storm pass through, we were in the cabana, so we stayed dry and were able to enjoy the storm!  It is monsoon season in AZ... who knew!?
Tiff and I and our selfie!

Last night there, fancy dinner.  Unfortunately, I wasn't feeling great by the end and had to bail early!  Grrrrrr..... 

View from the restaurant! 
The dinner was AMAZING!  Happy 35th Landon!!!

Saturday, July 12, 2014

End of a crazy day!

At the end of Saturday we were all tuckered out, busy day, fun in the sun, playtime with WoWo..... I looked over and this was what I saw!  Melts my heart!  Preston and daddy cuddling up watching some Elmo!  

Poolside chillin!

After a fairly busy Saturday am, we packed up the kids and went 1 mile down the road to the Trophy Club Community Pool.  Preston and daddy were enjoying the splash pad while mommy and G had a little snack!

Friday, July 11, 2014


Friday night miss Hayley stayed over for a little fun at the Lind house!  She was so easy and Preston was very happy to see her!