Friday, October 31, 2014

Trick or Treating

Trick or treating was a success (except the kids wouldn't wear their dinosaur heads!)  Preston really got into it and Graham was all about trying to keep up!  We walked around with our neighbor Liam (the Lion) and really enjoyed the Trophy Club trick or treating! 
Getting ready to go!
Brother love!
Scoping out the first house!
Preston thought he was supposed to go INTO the house!
No fear!
The boys getting the hang of it!
This was Graham at the end of it all!  He had enough walking!

Trunk or Treat at School!

The boys school had Trunk or Treat and their parties on Friday!  I signed up and was there to witness the fun!  So glad I did!  It was cute and the kids enjoyed it!  Great way to get ready for night time trick or treating!
Before the parade I snuck a peak at Preston in his costume...... haha! Dinosaur what?

Leah and I ready with our cowboy/farm trunk...
Most creative costume ever!  They incorporated his passy! LOVE!
Graham was a no go on the costume for the parade!

Monday, October 27, 2014

Post pumpkin patch!

Sweet boys (one was zzz already) following the pumpkin patch!  Love these moments! 

Pumpkin Patch!

It's almost Halloween and we HAVE to do like all and make a quick visit to the pumpkin patch before the season is over!  Sadly, the weather for the pumpkin patch was a non-fall 90 degrees when we decided to take the boys!  Of course, it was chaos from the minute their feet touched the ground and although we would have LOVED a photo of them together amongst the pumpkins..... sadly..... that didn't happen!  But we have lots of action shots of them running!  Enjoy!
That's a very nice.... GREEN... pumpkin Graham...
Checking out the goods
Preston loved the playset!
A perfect spot for Graham..... but sadly he is missing!
He was too busy doing this! 
Run run run......
Then, as always.... Graham does an "about face" and starts following his big bro!
This is the face of a kid who has had enough!

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Hats are Cool!

Bumps, bruises and scratches!

Poor Graham can't catch a break....... had a nice little picnic lunch......
Then Graham fell backwards, rolled off the patio onto the grass! 
And scratched up his sweet face!  Poor baby!

Ride 'Em Cowboy!

Preston enjoying Graham's rocking horse..... Don't get any ideas Miss Di!  He is not yet a country boy! 

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Ella Bday Fun!

Just enjoying a little cupcake after some bday fun!  Ella turned 3 and had a petting zoo, pumpkin painting, face painting and a PINK pony!  The boys had a nice time and were most amused by running up and down the sidewalk and driveway! 


Someone sure likes to dig into mommy's makeup bag!

Crib time!

Saturday mornings are my mornings on the weekend and so it's always fun to hang with the boys! This weekend, when Preston woke up, I put Graham in his crib just to see what they would do!  They loved it!  Took a couple pictures but got a few stills from the webcam for the better image! HAHA! They thought it was hilarious!