Sunday, September 20, 2015

My sweet boys this weekend!

After a pretty crazy week and equally crazy weekend, I thought a crazy post with a few pics was in order! 
Yee Haw!
My boys at the store allowing mommy 45 minutes of quiet! 
It's a rough life for Graham!
Yep, my kid freezes dead in his track when a country song comes on!  Thanks a lot daddy! 
Foot injury #2.... on the other foot!  I don't think I will get to wear normal shoes again anytime soon!  CURSES!  So to recap... broken toe on left foot, gauge on right foot! PAINFUL!

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Fossil Rim Wildlife Preserve!

Sunday morning we decided to head to Glen Rose and experience Fossil Rim!  It's a fantastic wildlife preserve where you feed animals as they come right up to the car!  The boys had a BLAST!  It was one of the best little trips we have done with them!  Pure joy! 
Heading out!
Once we arrived and picked up the animal food, we let the kids out of their seats (you go about 5 mph on a little road) so they could feed the animals and take it all in!
Hello big guy!
The view from the top of one of the hills!
Tried to get both kids in the pic
Mr. Rhino!
We pulled out of the park and these two sacked!  Graham woke up on the way home and said "here reindeer, here reindeer"...... so sweet!