Sunday, May 29, 2016

Date Day!

After a wonderful vacation with our children.... mommy and daddy needed a day WITHOUT our children! Thank you Miss Darlene for watching the kids and letting us regain our sanity a bit!
We decided to try out some of the new restaurants in Southlake.  The goal was to have a drink and an appetizer at each place.... First up was Taverna Rossa
Next was Malai... this drink was AMAZING!
This was Jason's drink at Malai... yum!
Then we went to Redrock Canyon Grille...... this was like an adult Shirley temple!  AMAZING! and the most amazing stuffed poblano pepper EVER!
We had a ball chatting and texting with our neighbors trying to get them to join us.... they didn't... but we were quite amused in the convo! 
The night ended in water....
And our two silly faces!  SO MUCH FUN! 
With the wacky weather we were having we took a picture of the bananas cloud above... half sunlight filled and half storm filled!  Seemed such a fitting cloud to our crazy week!

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Family Movie Night!

After a busy non-stop day, nothing is better than family movie night!  Although, I don't know how many more viewings of The Good Dinosaur this mama can handle!  Just buck up Arlo... don't be so scared and non of the subsequent events will take place!  Sigh!

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Florida Vacation 2016

Family vacation time!  We headed to Madeira Beach, FL (between Clearwater and Treasure Island) for a few days to join Nana, Popo and Uncle Jeff for a week of fun in the sun!
 The boys are ready to fly!
Almost there! 
First time at the ocean! 
After the beach we headed to John's Pass for dinner!  There were lots of "creatures" for the kids to see! 
Date night! 
Back to Clearsky CafĂ© (where we had our rehearsal dinner/ cocktail hour) for dinner!  Memories! 
Someone was having a wedding!
Photo bomb!
More fun in the sun!  
This kid sat and ate.... pretty much all day!
While he ran around and caught minnows and played!  
Headed to Bush Gardens! 
Someone didn't like the Elmo show! 
This kid wanted a nap SO bad! 
Train around the park!
At the end of the day we enjoyed the plash area in the kids zone! 
Enough said.... 
Last day on the beach!  
Yep... pretty accurate photo! 
Monkey see, monkey do! 
I will treasure this video always!
Our view!  Goodbye beach! 
Headed to Nana and Popo's in The Villages, FL (about an hour North of Orlando) 
Ready for a golf cart ride! 
Went on a little boat ride on Lake Sumter! 
Feeding the fish, turtles and other creatures! 
Dancing in the square in Sumter Landing! 
We love Nana! 
Naked pool time!  We were letting the kids play in the grandparents pool naked... because, why not... about 30 minutes after this pictures was taken, Preston had a #2 accident IN the POOL! Needless to say, we had to call the pool guy to come "shock the pool".  So no swimming until the next day! Good thing there are lots of community pools around for the kids to get their fix! 
Lots of ice cream was enjoyed! 
My brother made some delicious meals for us!  This was a seafood risotto with scallops and a balsamic demi glaze and roasted tomatoes! 
We then snuck away for a quick drink! God love the parents for putting the kids to bed! 
Another creation from Jeff, eggs benedict! 
Back to the square for a last night of dancing and fun! 
Love this! 
Both had new light up shoes they were enjoying dancing with! 
Courtesy of uncle jeff! 
Putting in Nana and Popo's backyard!  You can't see it, but there was a gator in that pond!  (Mama was a nervous wreck) 
More ice cream please! 
Last night out, Jason and Jeff and I went for a beverage!  
Yup.... this says it all! 
Whose ready for vacation to be over... not this gal! 
While we packed up, the grandparents went for a last minute walk to keep the kids busy!  They were so great all week!  THANK YOU SO MUCH!  
Away we go! 
When we got home, both kids were sacked.... 
Out like a light!
We had an amazing trip with a lot of highs!  So fun!  The boys LOVED the pools, the ocean, feeding the turtles....... and being with the fam!  That's a wrap!