Saturday, June 25, 2016

Babysitter Experts

While we were off touring warehouses, Miss Henny and her sister Diana came to watch the kids! They LOVE Henny (even though they kept calling her Darlene)... ha!  They took the kids to the splash pool for a little fun in the sun!  Yay!

TX Whiskey Distillery Tour

For fathers day this year Betsy and I signed us up for a tour of what we thought was the TX Whiskey distillery.  Well, come to find out it was actually the TX Bourbon distillery and the bourbon will be launching in 6-9 months... so it was 95% about the bourbon which no one has had yet and 5% about the whiskey which is actually a fill in product that became crazy popular!  It was a lot of fun and an amazing facility!  BUT hot hot hot!  Warehouse type environment in June in Texas!  Ahhhh! 
These two were giddy with excitement!
This guy....
So cool!  Smelled amazing!
Dude on the tour... had a snap a pic... way to rock the red, white and blue buddy!
Inside of the barrels..
Number one case of the bourbon.... can't wait to try!

Half Birthday!

My hubby is so sweet!  Because my birthday is Christmas day and is always shared with the holiday, my sweet hubs like to give me a little love on my half birthday!  I came home from swim class to find he and Graham had gone out and gotten me flowers and a card!  Love my guys!

Monday, June 20, 2016

Weekend Chaos!

Weekends never seem to be quiet!  We started with a super fun playdate with the Wellen's!  Too bad we had so much fun we forgot to take pictures!
Then onto a bday party for Sophia!  It was a MUST DO as Sophia and her family are about to move to Switzerland for an amazing adventure!  I get the above photo.... my husband loves babies like no other!
Meanwhile Graham and I rocked some swim class!
The on came Miss Darlene for some babysitting fun!
And hands down, winner of the BEST PHOTO OF PRESTON EVER AWARD!
Mommy and daddy took off to Daniel and Veronica's wedding in Dallas!  So fun1  Great couple!
Then onto Father's Day at Finding Dory with the Irwins!  Crazy busy weekend!



Sunday, June 12, 2016

School Fun

Some highlights from the boys days at school from the past month! 
tap photo to view at tadpoles


Sunday, June 5, 2016

Crazy Weekend!

Our busy weekend started with someone having an accident at swim class!  "Everyone out of the pool".... joy... thanksfully.. it wasn't one of ours!
Then onto Everly's 2nd bday party in Fort Worth! SO FUN!
Jason had a golf tournament, so mommy time it was!
After surviving the kids solo Saturday, we ended with Mila's 1st bday party!  It was epic and amazing...including one dedicated daddy wearing glitter!  XO Jeremy Strawn... you can have your man card back soon, I promise!