Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Wedding Weekend / Michigan Trip

We headed to Michigan for a quick visit for a special occasion!  My mother in law, Martie remarried to a wonderful man, Rob McLandress!  We are so happy for the two of them!  They are a wonderful couple and we were very excited to celebrate with them!

Gotta love the play area at the airport!  (especially when you have a delay and you got there WAY early!)
Almost time!
Oh yeah, we think Jason got bit my a brown recluse spider!  Nice!
We started the visit with a boat ride on Byram Lake! Kids LOVED it!
Thank you to this wonderful lady, Marcia for the use of her boat!
Then we played on the shore!
After the boat was time to have a little party for Martie and Rob! Here are Alex and Bradley entertaining their cousins! These two boys have become such amazing young men!  Love them!
Next up was wedding day!

Killing time while taking family pictures!
The bride and her boy!
It was a small affair, but lovely with wonderful weather!
Someone was done!
Jason and Jeffy
Martie and her grand babies!  All four boys!
Bride and groom sweetness!
Love this!
And of course, we need pushups!
The boys were SO great all day!  They deserved a little ipad time!
After the wedding the playtime resumed!
Lisa has an AMAZING backyard!
Yep, Preston even helped water the grass! #boys
The on our last day we went back to the lake! They got in with daddy and had a blast!  Too cold for mommy!
Jason and Bradley.... jumping away!
This is my husband in his complete and utter element!  LOVE!
And just like that, time to go back home! 

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Weekend Highlights

Busy Busy weekend at the Lind house!  Started with a fun "steak and swim" night at the Wellen's!  Thanks so much you guys! 
The Saturday play date at Horst Resort which had been planned forever to swim and chill.... we were in the pool less than an hour when this came in.....
We had the boys in these floaties for the first time and it was so fun to see them at it in the pool!  We have stayed away from them cause they can hinder kids when they are learning to swim... but.... they love em!
Then Sunday play date turned into wasp stings for Hayley!  Poor baby!  She was a trooper!
The weekend ended with mommy getting a pedi while Graham played his ipad until daddy came to get him!  Love this guy! He is still coughing a bit, but feeling better for sure!

Monday, July 4, 2016

Weekend Highlights!

Our Fourth of July Weekend was fun, we had my Cousin Joe come from Ft Hood for a visit as he is moving to the Quad Cities in Illinois.  We went to the Escape Room (and Escaped)... followed by an amazing dinner and a super fun game!  Love you Joe, will miss having you a stones throw away!
On the Fourth we ventured out to the parade in Trophy Club for some patriotism!
Love that Preston and Liam are buds!
Graham spent the weekend battling a fever and some massive junk in his system..... but he rallied when he could and tried to make the most out of the festivities! 
Then daddy look Preston to the Trophy Club Fireworks for his first ever viewing!  The guys are clearly tired, but I think overall were very happy to see them!