Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Byron Nelson Homecoming Parade - Trophy Club

The High School had their annual Homecoming Parade, so we packed up the kids and headed on over! It was so nice and the floats were awesome this year again!  Did not disappoint! 
(From Left: Preston, Miss Betsy, Liam, Asher, and Graham)

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Preston the Arttist!

I am so impressed with Preston's drawing skills!  He is truly an artist!

Soccer Game #3!

Finally, after two games, Graham put his shin guards and shoes on and took the field!  He only played 1/4 of it... but hey, baby steps!  Maybe by the last game he will stay into the whole time! HA!
Proud Preston!
This kid was tired of watchin!

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Busy Saturday Afternoon!

After soccer and a short nap, we headed to Arlington for the birthday party of twins Max and Grayson followed by a CWA picnic with Jason's work peeps! 
You can't really tell here, but that is Graham holding baby Mila's hand during the ride..... SWEETNESS
The party was western themed... and what better than pony rides!?
It was only about 100 degrees out... so after some fun birthday play we packed up and headed to the picnic!
Hello more sugar...... chips.... popcorn.... lollipops..... cotton candy.....sugar overload!  (p.s. we didn't actually let him eat all of that)
Preston helping the DJ.
Happy boys!

Soccer Game #2

Saturday kicked off, literally, with the boys second soccer game!  Once again, Graham suited up... but refused to put his shin guards on to play.  Preston went out there and did AWESOME!  He has no fear and really kicks the ball! 
Preston and Graham on the left..
Liam giving Graham a squeeze!
In between playing, Preston found a cute blonde (Asher's mom) and climbed up on her lap out of no where... this kid is such a flirt!

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Nine Eleven Two Thousand and One.

We will n ever forget those who lost their lives on 9/11.  I was a sophomore in college at CMU and was on my way to an 8AM class.  I will never forget, classes were cancelled that am after 9am and when I return to my apt, everyone had pulled their couches and TV's on the lawns and were watching in disbelief!  I will never forget that morning, that day...
Trophy Club unveiled a monument with some metal from the 9/11 site.  They had a ceremony and we felt it was a good way to honor the day.... so we loaded the kids up and stood patiently through nearly an HOUR of speeches! 
Mila got hungry! HA
There it is....
Worth the wait.
After the memorial and fire trucks, we went to the club for some putting and brunch! 
We ended the day at Gymboree thanks to Miss Betsy! Super fun and busy day!

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Strykers - Game 1!

The boys had their first soccer game on Saturday and I must say, Preston was fantastic!  Fastest kid out there for sure and truly did great! Graham on the other hand.... refused to put his shin guards and on play.... so he sat and watched!  Hopefully he will warm up to it!
Getting in the mindset!
Preston and Liam, ready to go!
Preston jumping in action
Water break
And..... Graham watches from the bleachers!

Monday, September 5, 2016

Labor Day Weekend - Monday!

Monday we spent at the pool, the last day at the community pool for the season, with our friends the Leflar's!  They came over from Dallas with their 9 month old Samantha!  The boys loved her and she was a trooper even though she was one tired baby!