Sunday, May 14, 2017

Florida 2017

We packed up and headed to Florida for some fun in the sun!  Four days at Nana and Popo's and four days at Disney World!  It was a blast, exhausting, hot, etc etc etc!
Feedin the turtles.... we had 15 of them one day! 
Popo's concert.... also PRE Disney! (notice our calm and rested faces)
Both kids had their ears covered the whole concert! It was funny and sweet!
More playin! 
My little fish! 

Disney World!

After a little R&R at the grandparents we packed up and headed to Mickey's home!  Overall it was super hot, super exhausting but super fun!  Graham *being 3.5 years old.... could have cared less and didn't like anything loud or dark.  Preston being 5 loved everything and every ride (except Hollywood Studios)!  HA! 
Day 1 - Magic Kingdom
Character breakfast at the Contemporary
Monorail over to Magic Kingdom.... whaaaaatttt
Hotel at Port Orleans Riverside.... AMAZING!
Day 2 - Magic Kingdom take 2
Day 2- Evening at Hollywood Studios.... Preston and Jason on Tower of Terror... zoom in on his face...... he hates it!
 Day 3 - Epcot

And an injury
The evening, grandparents took the kids and Jason and I had a date night!  This is in line at Soarin'
Much much needed!
While we played.... so did the kids.... at the pool!
Day 4 - Animal Kingdom 
Post Disney.......