Sunday, May 14, 2017

Disney World!

After a little R&R at the grandparents we packed up and headed to Mickey's home!  Overall it was super hot, super exhausting but super fun!  Graham *being 3.5 years old.... could have cared less and didn't like anything loud or dark.  Preston being 5 loved everything and every ride (except Hollywood Studios)!  HA! 
Day 1 - Magic Kingdom
Character breakfast at the Contemporary
Monorail over to Magic Kingdom.... whaaaaatttt
Hotel at Port Orleans Riverside.... AMAZING!
Day 2 - Magic Kingdom take 2
Day 2- Evening at Hollywood Studios.... Preston and Jason on Tower of Terror... zoom in on his face...... he hates it!
 Day 3 - Epcot

And an injury
The evening, grandparents took the kids and Jason and I had a date night!  This is in line at Soarin'
Much much needed!
While we played.... so did the kids.... at the pool!
Day 4 - Animal Kingdom 
Post Disney.......

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